Monday, 18 September 2017

The new furniture

Exciting times, the furniture lorry turned up this morning with the new settee and chair.
Two men quickly had it in the house removed the wrapping  and put in place.

Such luxury after making due for the past 8 weeks with spare chairs and garden furniture.
My new cushions look great and add a touch of colour.
Furniture lorry off loading a lot of BIG boxes

The new furniture with the new cushions is looking very smart

An added bonus is the chair and both ends of the settee recline
plus there is a USB port for my iPad... will I ever move again?

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Four new cushions

Having the house in such a mess has meant I have been able to spend time in my Happy Room without feeling guilty that I should be doing some housework!  Not that I ever feel guilty about housework ha! ha!

Plus a bonus is time to sort out my Happy Room and find the UFO's hidden from sight.

Four of the eight UFO machine embroidered blocks have now been made into cushions. I am hoping they will go well with my new suite when it arrives. Not sure what I will do with the other four blocks, maybe a table runner.

Friday, 15 September 2017

The Electrician

The noise and dust yesterday were horrible as the Electrician spent the day re-wiring the kitchen.
Holes in the walls and ceiling, hard to believe this will ever look like a kitchen again!

Hanging onto my washing machine as long as possible,
even though I have to use an extension lead as there is no electricity in the "kitchen"

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Hectic times

Life is so hectic at the moment I just have not had time or inclination to blog.
Today however I am banished to my Happy Room as the electrician is working and making a terrible noise in the completely empty kitchen. The floor of the upstairs bathroom has had to come up for him to be able to sort out the downlighters in the kitchen underneath.
In fact every room seems to be in upheaval.
I have given up trying to sort out meals and resorting to Microwave dinners, visiting friends / family or eating out.
At the IAM meeting last week I completely forgot to take any photos. Jenny asked me to make a couple of machine embroidery pictures for her grandchildren. In all the chaos I could at least find the EM and managed to make her two pencil cases with pictures to colour in on the front.

Sweet Treat embroidery machine designs
My Star BOM quilt finally met its batting and backing and I safety pinned the three layers together.

Love my Kwik Klip tool for fastening safety pins, saves breaking nails.

Memo to head.. do not wear black trousers when basting a quilt.
My trousers were covered in white fluff by the time I finished leaning over it.
The kitchen has been all consuming and when the old wallpaper was removed it revealed I had decorated it three time in three years and Chris installed the kitchen in 1986

Richard helped his dad put in the old kitchen in 1986

What a team, I wallpaper and he paints!
Earlier this week three friends came for a sewing session

Christine and Pauline deep in thought

Penny working on her bag

I managed to turn a UFO block into a cushion

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Stars BOM

In April last year I started a BOM [ block of the month] stars project and it has become something of a UFO, but having spent a day with friends sewing it has motivated me to get on with it.

All the sashing is now cut out and as and when I get a few moments I will put it all together.
As most of the stars are different sizes the sashing
also has to be different sizes, so quite a mammoth task cutting it all out.

Hamtune Quilters

Hamtune quilters meet twice a month and I like to go as often as I can.
For the meeting last night we were asked to bring a can and fabric to cover it.
Having not been able to attend for the past couple of meetings I was not sure of the requirements, so I quickly opened a tin of creamed rice [ I love it cold with jam] removed the label and washed it thoroughly. A delve in my fabric stash and I decided to use a Christmas theme fabric with contrasting band and light interior fabric.
Fabric prepared plus wadding and empty can

Ann's demonstration table, love the hand embroidered Christmas can.

My first attempt.
I wonder if anyone would think it odd if on Monday when they put their bins and recycling out I went around and collected  in the tins to make more ?

Monday, 4 September 2017

£12 of colour

My garden was looking a bit dull, so I treated myself to six large geranium plants on sale for £12.
I love the splash of colour, they make me smile every morning when I open the curtains.
I must admit I didn't get around to planting them, they are still in their pots, but they seem to be ok.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

The men in my life!

The men in my life, husband and son, are both willing to have a go.

Firstly Chris painted his shed and the next thing I saw he was standing on the roof, laying a new roof. Are you suppose to be doing things like this when you are in your late sixties?

Husband re-roofing his shed

It looks very smart now
The kitchen dishwasher and units have been sold and a lonely washing machine and fridge freezer are all that are left in the kitchen. 
Thank goodness we have a downstairs bathroom, that is now my kitchen sink!

Richard helping his dad strip the old wallpaper

I think he's saying why did I stick this wallpaper on so well!!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Kitchen plans

Today the fitter called to make the final arrangements for the kitchen, and of course said he wanted to start the day we go on holiday! Final arrangements were made and he would start the day we come back, although we may have to come back a day early for the units and appliances to be delivered.
It is getting exciting now and I cannot wait for it to be started / completed.
The whole house is a mess, with the dining room taken over by the kitchen, plus the small bedroom looking like a kitchenware shop!

Units in the kitchen are all bare and I am trying to hang onto my washing machine for as long as possible.
The tiles made such a mess when they were removed.

To get a breath of fresh air, plaster dust seems to get everywhere, we took a walk along the railway path enjoying the countryside at it's best... the blackberries were delicious that I picked and ate as we walked.

The end of the line for the railway enthusiasts, they seem to have a enough sleepers and track to go for miles.

Sewing day

With the kitchen plans full stem ahead, it was so nice on Thursday to have a get together with a couple of friends in my Happy Room. We all worked on different things, mostly playing catch up with UFO's. Christine was busy with yet more cushions, she really must have a house full! Penny worked on a new banner for her kitchen and I attempted to get back in the sewing mood and complete the last four Stars from a BOM challenge that ended some time ago.

A new kitchen banner

working on the final Star blocks from a BOM.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Is this taking de-cluttering too far?
Everything is a bit 'chicken and egg'. The plasterer needs to see the wall behind the tiles to give us a quote for skimming the ceiling and making good the walls... so the tiles are coming off today.

The cupboards are empty on this side of the kitchen and the dining room looks like a bomb/ kitchenware shop has landed.

The electrician has to work in three stages, deaden all electrics, then stage one fix and then completion. Plus of course the fitter has to 'fit' in as well...

I'm escaping to my Happy Room, which we plan not to touch, wonder if I could stay here until it is all completed.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Packing up the Kitchen

Yesterday we signed on the dotted line for our new kitchen. I am so relieved we have finally decided on who to buy from and what units, appliances to buy. Now the fun starts. The current kitchen is 32 years old so it is exciting to get a fresh start.

This morning I made a start and emptied three cupboards, all things I will not need until I have anew kitchen, plus a large bag to go to the charity shop.

Can someone tell me why I have so many pages cut from magazines with recipes on them? They have now all gone to the recycling bin. I have enough cookery books not to need scraps of paper from long long ago.
The big sort out and this is just one small wall cupboard!

The first of twelve cupboards I have to empty

#2 cupboard empty except for the grill I need to use while I have no kitchen.

Monday, 28 August 2017


Raspberry bushes must have missed us while we were away the branches are bending down under the weight of fruit.
Two tubs for the freezer and one tub made into jellies.
I love raspberries in sugar free jelly, hardly a calorie and so delicious.


Daish holiday company had a special offer for five days at their Somerset Hotel in Llandudno with bed, breakfast and evening meal. Too good to miss the chance of someone else cooking our meals [ I still have no cooker] and enjoying some sea air.
The Somerset Hotel 

Turn around and this is the view
The Great Orme headland is a massive chunk of limestone rising 207m/679ft straight out of the sea.
Little wonder that its name, given by the Vikings, means ‘sea monster’.
Paying a toll of £3 we drive to the top and the views are spectacular including one hill side covered in messages made from stones.

A trip to the Great Orme

'Fun' graffiti

The view to Anglesey
Another day out was a trip to the National Trust property Bodnant, where we enjoyed walking around the gardens, Can anyone tell me the name of the tall purple flower?
Thank you to the friends that told me it is a Verbena.

The house is still lived in and owned by Michael McLaren,
while the gardens were donated to the National Trust in 1949

Such a beautiful pool called "the bath"
We completed our visit with hot chocolate and cake and a visit to the on site shops where I bought a skirt and two tops, while CJ bought two shirts. A grand day out.

Waterfall seen on the drive back to the hotel

Conway Castle, save a walk here for another trip as it is vast.

An evening stroll along the promenade, just love this poppy in a bed of red flowers to commemorate the different wars.

A Mad Hatter sculpture opposite the hotel

Selfie fun

Goodbye to the hotel, room 401

Emmaus and Carlton Park

While the girls were still with us a trip to Emmaus Charity shop with a car boot full of recycle goods was a good start to the day. However how come so much "stuff" going out of the house does not seem to make any difference to the space in the house? The girls love going here and having a look to see if there are any bargains they want. Only Eleanor was lucky and found three books for £1.50.

From here a must is the nearby Carlton Park where Chris and the girls had fun on the keep fit equipment, while I took photos and had an ice cream.

Eleanor showing how to use this piece of equipment
All three keeping fit!

The new furniture

Exciting times, the furniture lorry turned up this morning with the new settee and chair. Two men quickly had it in the house removed the w...