Friday, 19 January 2018

Captain Jack Sparrow?

Please excuse the spelling on the last blog post, I am using an app on my iPad to be able to send pictures but it is not easy to edit and in fact thought I had lost the whole of the previous blog post!
One picture I forgot to include was taken with my cheap little camera on zoom from the top of the glass lift ride.
The ship looks like something out of The movie The Lost Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean but I could not see Jack Sparrow on board.
Where is Johnnie Depp ?

(Backup) The Adventure

I thought it would be nice to go on a train ride, having never been on a Spanish train. 
Chris went along with the idea so we checked out the small train station earlier in the week only to find no one spoke or even wanted to try communicating in English. My Spanish is limited to hello and thank you. In fact the ticket guy seemed quite rude. Determined not to be put off I checked the train times on the internet and wrote them down, then practiced asking for “two senior tickets to Cartagena please” in Spanish. This worked a treat and guy was really helpful. Having obtained our tickets for the costly sun of €9, about £8.50 for two return tickets we boarded the train, which was rather run down looking but had nice comfy seats, and set off for the twenty minty ride to Cartagena.

We had not planned to stay long, as we would need to walk everywhere and my knees start to complain after 2000 to 3000 steps. The day was slightly cooler than yesterday so we set off to walk to the Tourist Information for a map and then the dock area. This turned out to be further than we  thought but it was an interesting walk along side the town walls. Cartagena is full of interesting old buildings, castles, history. We sat watching the boats while I rested my poor old knees.

Consulting the map we decided to head into town and find a place for a snack and drink, we passed an extremely tall glass lift that Chris said he wanted to try, but it would have to wait for another visit. Fortified with a hot chocolate and pastry in a moment of madness I said, it’s not far back we could do the ‘lift thing’. €1 each and we were in the lift going higher and higher, Chris told me the view was wonderful by the time we reached the top I had my eyes closed! We then had to walk across the overhanging passage to the fortified castle hill top, I have never been so pleased to reach solid land!

Having recovered my ‘tall glass lift’ legs it was so interesting, the views were unbelievable in every direction. Churches, Naval boat yard, Submarine caves in the hillside, the ancient bull ring, amphitheatre etc etc... there was also a wonderful water cascade into a pool where three ducks had taken up residence. Mosaics lined one of the paths and peacocks prowled the grounds.

Waiting for the train at Baliscas Station

Our first train ride in Spain
Cartagena ornate Railway Station

Outside the Tourist Information
Fascinating tree roots along side the old town wall.       The dock area
THE glass lift

The view of the bullring  once you arrive at the end of the lift tunnel
A water cascade into the duck pool

I love these tree roots, no idea what the tree is.
The mosaic passageway complete with peacock
One of the many mosaics

The amphitheater and Naval boat yard

Eventually the lift had to be taken again back to earth, it didn’t seem so bad going back down. I have now walked further than I can really cope with so it was a very slow walk back to catch the train and the car ride home. A wonderful adventure and my fit bit says I have walked just over 9000 steps!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

20 degrees

This years holiday game.
Chris is a reluctant game player, I on the other hand would play games all day! 
With a limit of three games per day we are enjoying an after dinner game that I sneaked into the suitcase.

The weather forecast was spot on and reached 20 degrees after lunch.
Chris was happy sun bathing so I took off in the hire car to get used to left hand drive, driving on the right and a gear lever!
Other than missing a turning and landing up on the Autoroute I soon got used to the change from 
my automatic and driving on the left (correct) side of the road.

I visited a couple of large warehouse shops, we call China shops, because they are owned and run by the Chinese.
 These warehouses sell everything except food. 

My purchases, four mini Christmas note pads which together with the Easter bunny have the seasons all sorted.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sun bathing

What a gorgeous morning, we woke to sunshine and the day only got warmer. Took advantage of the sun to do a load of washing, which dried outside during the day. A quick top up on the food shopping and then the rest of the day was spent sitting out and relaxing.

Easter bunny catching some rays!

Time to turn over 

The gardener arrived to pick up the dropped leaves, while Chris makes the most of the sun.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Charity Shop

Overnight shower of rain and a wet day forecast so we need some entertainment. A visit to a couple of local Charity shops and bingo for €8 about £7.50 we have ten DVDs and a brand new set of NYPD DVDs. They should keep us busy for a while.  At one Charity shop Chris buys a raffle ticket, what on earth we will do with the prize if he wins I do not know! Amongst the prizes there is a Calor gas fire, electric guitar, large picnic hamper etc etc... all impossible to take on a flight home! The Charity is for dog rescue so all going to a good cause.
Chris’s choice of movies to watch. NYPD being an old favourite 

The Charity shop where we hope we do not win a gas fire!
Lazy time in the lounge, notice Easter bunny is growing 

I love a jigsaw and bought this for €3 at the Sunday market
Mid afternoon the sun comes out, so we went for a short walk around the neighbourhood
Our holiday home is on the right with the white car.

Monday, 15 January 2018


Our first full day here so we set off for the Sunday market. Also known as the English market because of all the English that visit regularly. It is a huge place that seems to sell everything and we did our best to improve their sales!
Chris bought a new bag and I purchased slippers, earrings, a zigsaw and a few other things.
Then it was time for a full English breakfast costing about £3 each sitting in the sun... this is the life.
We took the scenic route back to the house along the coast enjoying the sunny weather.
For a short while we were able to sit outside, Chris even put on his shorts! But there is not a lot of heat in the sun yet.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Arrival in Spain

Up at 3am and on the road by 3.30am meant we had clear roads all the way to East Midlands Airport. We used the ‘Meet and Greet’ to park the car, which was interesting as we drove into a booth and a series of cameras took photos of the whole car before parking and walking across the road into the Terminal.
Everything went really smoothly until we were on the plane, a half hour delay in take off due to something in the cockpit, only to be told the plane had just had its annual checkup and the pilot was “sorting it out”. The flight with Jet2 was really easy once we took off and passed quickly.
We had choosen a Goldcar car hire and boy oh boy were they busy, we found the car and were soon on the way once Chris realised it was a gear shift and on course we are now driving on the wrong side of the road.
It is cardigan warm here, as opposed to thick coat and scarf cold in England.
A quick stop at Lidl for bare essentials and we meet the house rep, who took us through the security gate to the property.

Our house for a month and hire car. All looking very grand.

The front porch, roll on the sun and meals out here.
The back terrace overlooking the pool ( think it’s too early in the season for the pool!)
Our house number at Roda Golf Resort. 

There are three bedrooms two bathrooms and all mod cons. We settle in and then register the car with the security gate and visit Mercadona Grocery Store to stock up on food to last a few days. It is so nice to be back in the area we know and the house is the icing on the cake.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Two legs One arm fly to Spain

Two legs and one arm of my Easter rabbit are flying to Spain for some much needed sunshine.

Hopefully they will come back completed and maybe even wearing a jumper!

Stylecraft Special DK yarn worked on Knitpro DPNs
Pattern by Arne and Carlos

Captain Jack Sparrow?

Please excuse the spelling on the last blog post, I am using an app on my iPad to be able to send pictures but it is not easy to edit and in...