Saturday, 14 September 2019

(Temporary Backup) Dahlia Day at Anglesey Abbey

A spur of the minute trip and we set off for the National Trust property at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge.
This weekend is Dazzling Dahlia weekend, and boy were they right.
As son as we entered the reception the ceiling was covered with Dahlias of every colour and shape.
We then followed the trails to the house, pass a number of different displays, including one where you ‘planted’ a dahlia in a line from the path to the house. 

We then visited the Lode Mill, an historical working watermill. I bought a bag of wholemeal flour that was milled ten minutes before we arrived.

Back to the cafe for a slice of cake and hot chocolate, before setting off through the wooded area, where there were carpets of winter cyclamen, such a pretty sight.

Sun shining and a great day out

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The cake

My granddaughter has requested a red velvet cake for her birthday, and I thought I would have a go at making one for her [from a kit!].
But as I cannot remember the last time I made a cake I thought a trail was needed.
I found two cake tins, very ancient and slightly different sizes but hey ho!

My trail cake is a carrot cake, and it is looking pretty good, ready to try a slice with afternoon cuppa.

Downside, I am still on my diet and the Nutracheck app I use allows me to put in all the ingredients and it works out the calorie content.
4420 cals ! So mine will be a small piece to taste.

Think I need to stick to sewing, no calories involved.

Monday, 9 September 2019

The decorator

The decorator arrived as promised at 9am this morning, she soon got to work and the stairs and landing were stripped of their wallpaper.


Having to be at home all week, means I should get lots of sewing done.

Stained Glass cushion

Saturday I started a stained glass cushion
Brushed off my home made Light Box, Chris made it long ago for me, and drew out the pattern on a piece of fabric.

When I completed the bird it looked so small on the fabric, so I added leaves.
Next step was to made piping cord for the edging and bingo the cushion was completed.

Really quite pleased with my new cushion.

Friday, 6 September 2019

September IAM

Time seems to have flown by since getting back from Wales, who said ‘retirement is boring’! Some days I feel I need to retire from retirement.

Yesterday was our September IAM meeting, and with sickness and holidays we were down to four, but it was a nice chatty day. 

The highlight of the Show and Tell was made by Ann’s granddaughter’s boyfriend for Jess’s 21st. 
We were all amazed at the beautiful gift he had made with such love. Sorry the pictures are in the wrong order.
The final box was a Mexican hat and a holiday in Mexico.
Such care and attention to the photos.
Each lid had beautifully written messages.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Holiday crochet

There was quite a lot of Chunky wool left over from my latest crochet bag, so I brought it on holiday and a hook.
A search of the internet and I found a  pattern, called Ballet Slippers and managed to complete them this afternoon... 

They will keep my feet nice and warm, but not sure where the ‘ballet’ comes into it!
Do you think they need a flower on the front to make them even more ridiculous?

Shopping in Merthyr Tydfil

The weather was being typically Welsh, one minute sun shine, next minute raining, so we set off for a new shopping centre in Merthyr Tydfil.

Wow what an impressive and extremely large new building, all grey and white with many towers.

Even more Wow when we got inside, it is huge selling everything from an envelope to a motorbike! I mostly explored the craft and stationary section while Chris was looking at spare parts for cars, and garden equipment.

The giraffe was for sale, only £645 but we did not have room in the car!!

Looking left

Looking right

Looks like a fairy tale castle.

On the way back we stopped at a Tourist stop in the Brecon hills National Park, loved this totem pole and the tiled awork.

In side was full of local crafts, the hanging fused glass looked lovely in the windows £25 each.

A wet day in Wales

The weather has suddenly changed and we woke to rain so decided to stay fairly local.

Llandrindod Wells has a beautiful lake so we drove around the perimeter to take a look.

A dragon sculpture is in the centre of the lake.

We then drove to Bluith Wells and wandered around the shops and along the side of the river Wye, until the rain came down again.
Loved this graffiti, so realistic on the side of a plain house.

A ‘bit of bull’ in the park

The River Wye.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Gold in them there hills!

A visit to the Dolaucothi Gold Mines
A National trust property, so we entered using our membership.

Due to the very steep stair climb into the mine, which I would have struggled with, we staying in the grounds looking 
at the machinery and enjoying the views.

Chris explained how everything works, which was interesting.

Children were panning for gold in the educational part of the mine. In fact a very small amount of Welsh gold is still 
mined and items were for sale in the shop. A pair of earrings for about £250 were out of my price range.

Not sure I would have liked to be dropped down into the mine on this contraption 

Aberystwyth Cliff Railway

Decided we needed to see the sea today, so drove to Aberystwyth for a walk along the the coast. The sea was very calm and the weather really pleasant.
A little excitement needed so a trip on the cliff railway was next stop. 
The railway opened in 1896 and the 778 feet undulating track and tilted carriages are unique. Built to ferry Victorian holiday makers 430 feet to the summit of Constitution Hill.  It was a most enjoyable ride and we had the carriage to ourselves.

Wonderful views as we slowly climbed the hill

Aberystwyth from on high

Passing the down carriage, again with only one person on it.

I said smile for a selfie, and this is it!

Monday, 26 August 2019

Glen Usk Hotel

Taking a five day holiday to mid Wales, Llandrindod Wells.  To break the journey we stopped at Evesham garden and shopping center for a bite to eat and drink. Diet out the window as I had a cream tea ! The Crafters Companion shop was full of goodies, and I especially liked the light fittings... BIG buttons

Next stop The Glen Usk hotel, and after settling in our room overlooking a pretty park, we went for a walk.
Our room is the one with the balcony above the front door.  At dinner we were seated with another couple from Norwich, Sue and Steve, and enjoyed a nice chatty time and meal.

(Temporary Backup) Dahlia Day at Anglesey Abbey

A spur of the minute trip and we set off for the National Trust property at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge. This weekend is Dazzling Dahlia w...