Saturday, 16 June 2018

Me and Poldark

Our final day in Cornwall so it had to be Poldark day!
The ship used in the filming of Poldark is marred at Charlestown near St Austell.

Poldark ship
Surrounded by guns

Time for Chris to go below decks!

While I’m at the helm

We are off to sea... standing where Poldark has stood for the filming.
View of the harbour.

A local garden walk and meeting friends

An early morning walk around local gardens was just what the doctor ordered before setting off to meet our friends Joan and Ian for lunch.
Beautiful roses

Loved this semi circular seat covered in red roses
The gardens are well kept.

The swan taking flight on the boating lake

Love this wall

View across the lake. This was a really nice walk five minutes from the hotel.

Friends Joan and Ian who entertained us with a lovely lunch.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Wadebridge and Padstow

Decided to visit a wool shop in Wadebridge, bit of a problem as TomTom wanted us to drive up pedestrian alleyways, but eventually we found it and it was a disappointment as they had nothing special. Next stop was Padstow, where we walked around town and enjoyed the scenery.
Overlooking the busy town

The harbour was bustling with boats and yachts 

Watched this Egret walking in the muddy water as the tide was out.

Visiting the family

We had made arrangements to meet my niece and her daughter in the pub/resturant at Halford Passage for dinner.
Mabel age 9 was having a sailing lesson and out on a yacht when we arrived, so we chatted with Jessie until a dingy brought the children back to shore.
What a great ‘after school’ activity.
Docking the dingy
Mabel, the blonde, walking up to meet us.
A change of clothes for Mabel and we sat down to a really nice fish and chips meal, with a splendid view

It was lovely seeing them again, but the walk back up a large flight of stairs and then a hill to the car had me huffing and puffing!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Newquay Zoo

We decided to stay close to ‘home’ this morning with a visit to the Newquay Zoo. The sun was shining as it has been ever since we arrived.
It has been a long time since I visited a zoo, I am far more used to visiting the Safari Park where animals have large areas to roam, it was sad to see the larger animals in such confined spaces but they all looked healthy and well cared for.
Some of my favourites were the tiny frogs and pretty birds.
Lemurs sunbathing

Every time I tried to take a photo Mr Owl turned his head, patience won the day.

Penguins at play

Mr Lion had two wives in the cage with him

This Lynx looked so healthy

Show off!

Mr Deer also had two ladies with him

Not sure what these were called, Worty Pigs I think 

The Japanese section

Our tickets are valid for a free return all week so we may go back, there was so much to see.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped to pick up a couple of things from Aldi and the view from the car park was just breath taking.
It was so nice to see a group of school children in their wetsuits learning to surf, something you could not even dream about when I was at school!
The view from Aldi car park

School children finishing their lesson on surfing

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Healeys Cyder Farm

After the visit to the Japanese Garden for me, we went to visit the Cyder Farm for him.
It was really interesting watching the cider being bottled, labelled and packaged especially when there was an almighty bang and they stopped all the machinery! We were on a walkway high above the works, and it looked like a bottle had maybe burst inside one of the machines... we watched for a while but never saw what really happened.

I tried the cream tea (I was told I ate it the wrong way round last time!) and Elderflower drink, while Chris had a Cornish pastie.

Duchess looking bored with all the people staring at her!

Inside the bottling plant

Chris looking longingly at one of his favourite drinks.

This huge barrel is actually a spiral staircase to the viewing walkway above the bottling plant.

The Japanese Garden

We started today with a visit to The Japanese Garden at St Mawgan. I absolutely love Japanese gardens and it has been years since we were here last.
Items for sale

The tea house overlooking the large pond.

Such a peaceful place

At every turn there was something different to see.

Bamboo as tall as trees

Buddha overlooking the Zen garden. Every statue was covered in money for luck.

The Zen garden

Peace and Serenity 

The rock mountain

Beautiful Acers on the edge of the pool, where enormous Koi fish were swimming

Using our NT membership

Another great stop on our travels, the National Trust Carnewas. Such a dangerous coast line but spectacular beauty.
The turquoise sea looked very inviting but the dangerous rocks meant it was deserted 

Monday, 11 June 2018

Cornwall day 2

Again another lovely sunny day so we set off for Lanhydrock a National Trust property just north of where we are staying.
A buggy ride from the car park to the formal gardens and house was much appreciated.
The photos do not seem to be in the right order but it’s almost time for dinner so.....
A welcome cream tea after walking around the gardens and house.

The most amazing ceiling depicting stories from the bible.

This is when schools were schools!

I love my slow cooker, glad it does not take up this amount of room in my kitchen.

An amazing contraption, that works it’s self with heat and smoke from the fire. Glad I don’t have to clean it!

St Hydroc church in the grounds of the Manor House.

Above the altar an incredible carving of the Lords last supper

Formal gardens were well maintained

There are about 300 rooms to visit and a secret lift I was allowed to use as my knees have been playing me up so much.

Me and Poldark

Our final day in Cornwall so it had to be Poldark day! The ship used in the filming of Poldark is marred at Charlestown near St Austell. Pol...