Saturday, 14 July 2018

What a week of ups and downs

Sunday started so well as I went to church but then I hit an uneven curb in the church yard. The damage did not look too bad but it ruined my day thinking about it.

We took the car to a couple of garages for quotes both said the whole front section of the car needed to be replaced £756 and £700 were the quotes!!!
Chris did some research and found a specialist place that would actually repair the damage rather than replace the whole front section. Suddenly £350 does not seem so bad but an expense we could well do without.
On the same day the kitchen fitter called to fix a drawer that was not closing properly. He dropped a cupboard door and damaged the flooring, and although he will pay for the damage it means having a new floor laid, which meant a trip to Northants Flooring who still had the same flooring and will replace it next week. This also mean emptying the kitchen... does it ever end?
I went to visit a couple of the sisters from church with my companion Sophia and although the meetings were good it was a sad day as Sophia will be moving away and it was our last day together.
Sophia, me and Betty

Sophia, Sue and me

My cousin John's funeral in Derby, the sun was shining , the church was packed. It was a day of remembrance for a really great person, friend and cousin, I will really miss him.

Towards the end of WW2 by mother was pregnant with me and my father wanted her to go and live with her sister as he was away in the war. Strange thought to be moved from the relative safety of a village to the center of the City of Leicester but Mum went and I was born with sandbags at the windows in the local maternity hospital a ten pound breach! We then lived with my Aunt and her three sons, John being the eldest.
Oh joy a happy day...
We had arranged to meet friends Christa and James, here on a visit from the USA, at Cambridge Botanical Gardens. Some years ago we stayed with them in Paducah while I taught lacemaking to a group she belonged to and visited the famous Paducah quilt show.

It's funny how with some people you meet you just feel at home with, the talking never stopped and it was a really nice get together.
Having never visited this Botanical garden before we wandered around the grounds and although the drought we are going through meant all the grass looked like a desert it was a wonderful place and I would like to go again with more time and in better weather... not SO hot!
Loved this pond

Flowers are so amazing 

The greenhouse has a long corridor with greenhouse rooms leading off from it, each displaying different Countries plants.

Chris entering the jungle?
Today is Saturday and I need to do jobs this morning that have been left all week, and then intend to watch Wimbledon tennis and Le Tour de France this afternoon.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Little and Large

It is hard to walk in my garden at the moment for tiny frogs are everywhere, but do you think the'd stand still for a photo?
Mr/Mrs Frog enjoying the pond

A tiny baby frog smaller than my finger nail!

Enjoying the hot weather

The sun seems to be constantly shining at the moment, which is great to look at but rather too hot for me. Another very early morning walk before the heat of the day is as much as I can manage.
This horse only seems to move out of the tree shade for food, and I don't blame him.

A family BBQ on Saturday evening ended with the girls playing with sticky bubble kits, a most enjoyable evening.

Plus the table was groaning with food and Richard did a great job at the BBQ.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Socks and tennis

While watching Wimbledon tennis I usually sit and knit, so have managed to complete yet another pair of socks...
Pattern: Let It Shine by Sarah Youde
KnitPro Symfanie DPN needles
Yarn: Walk Collection tough sock 75%wool 25% nylon colour Nomad
I'll always know which is my left and right foot

Tomorrow sees the start of Le Tour de France and also Le Tour de Sock an online/Ravelry group I have joined based on the actual race with stages and teams etc. My needles are ready and so is my yarn for the release of the first sock pattern at about 2pm local time tomorrow.

IAM July meeting

Seven of us got together for the July IAM meeting. Lots of chatter and some craft work as usual.
It was a really nice day with delicious desserts provided by Penny.
Star attraction of the "show and Tell" was Jenny's hand made quilt
Really beautiful.

Temple visit

On the road nice and early to travel to the Temple at Newchapel. Not a good start when we discover the M1 is closed for part of our journey and the trip involving the M40 and M25 [ commonly called a "car park"] takes us just over three hours.
Chris has music to listen to and a book to read in the peaceful pretty grounds, while I go into the Temple for a couple of hours. Worldly cares are left at the door and a calm peace takes there place.
An extra bonus is meeting a couple of sisters that I know and have not seen for some time.

Chris and I meet for the packed lunch I managed to make at 6am! under a tree overlooking the Temple... Peace perfect peace.
The entrance to the Temple

Standing in the gardens.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Another quilt on the washing line

Today is the start of Wimbledon, and I love watching the tennis. This calls for an early start to my day so I do not feel too guilt spending the afternoon watching the TV [and knitting].

First job, another quilt in the wash, this quilt was made quite a few years ago and will be on Eleanor's bed for when she stays here overnight. I seem to remember the pattern was from Judy Laquidara and it is one of my favourites, I love the colours.
This is half of the quilt, the only way I could get it on the line.
Next 'job' a walk to get my steps in. We decided to go along the railway line again and in the past I have struggled to get to the W but today I managed to walk one post past it! 4470 steps clocked up which is brilliant for me and my knee replacements!
Aiming for the W [whistle]

A heron looking for its breakfast

Saturday, 30 June 2018

The SUN effect

I think the sun is having a strange effect on me! I don't seem able to stop knitting, sewing, gardening and generally doing things. Long may it last.

On the gardening front the raspberries are ready to pick two months early. They normally are ready in late August / September. We are still eating raspberries from last year as we had such a bumper crop, not that I am complaining. One of my favourite desserts and only 23 cals is sugar free jelly with raspberries this time of year I could eat it everyday.
The duckweek in the pond is out of control so I am making a real effort to eradicate as much as I can every time I go out to feed the fish.

My new 'Swift' arrived and I have been keen to try it out and wind some of my bargain wool. A search of my room found the only place it would fit was to my computer table, slight problem that my wool winder will only fit to a low coffee table. I placed the coffee table on my sewing table and Bingo it worked a treat and with in a couple of minutes I had two skeins of wool wound into cakes.

Strange set-up but it worked.
Last night I managed to complete one half of a pair of socks, more about them later when I complete the pair...  Also in another mad moment I have joined the  LeTour de Sock group. Based on the Tour de France [ which I love watching] it is a mad session of sock knitting with prizes and raises funds for charity. Follow the link for more information.
Right hand sock with pretty pattern and a different toe finish just needs its partner.

The weather here is still glorious and seems a shame to waste it by not washing some of my quilts.
This quilt is on Abigail's bed when she stays here and had it's first wash in the washing machine. I used a quick cycle and placed a colour catcher in with it 'just in case'.
This is my kind of washing

Close up of the hand stitching

Friday, 29 June 2018

Busy week in the Happy Room

Monday was spent showing Melody how to quilt, she had won a "day with me in my Happy Room " at a church auction. She made good progress on a rail fence with diamonds quilt. When all her blocks are made I'm happy for her to return to sort out the borders and work on adding backing and batting.
It was lovely getting to know someone I had just had a passing acquaintance with previously.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent working on my version of the rail fence with diamonds quilt.
Plus members from church came and helped Chris trim the Leylandii hedge that runs down the side of our garden, a big job for which we are very grateful.

Thursday was spent with three friends sewing in the Happy Room. My latest project is a load of fish blocks and they all wanted to have a go! By the end of the afternoon there were a lot of fish swimming about!

Time for some exercise today, so at 8.30am we set off for one of our favourite walks along the  railway line. The sky was cloudy so not as hot as it has been all week which was a blessing.
It's amazing how many people walk and cycle along this track this early in the morning. Everyone says hello and it is a nice way to start the day.
love this bench, but why do people have to leave rubbish [crisp packet]
I must remember to bring a bag so I can pick up any stray rubbish.
Can you see the square, triangle and circle cut into the uprights?

Lovely cloudy blue sky

Lots and lots of bunnies out to play.

Sweatshirts not needed for long, it soon warmed up.
5000 step walk!

Now for some more fish....
Rail fence with diamond quilt in need of the binding stitching down
My shoal of fish are growing, not such how I am going to put them together
will make a decision when I have made the rest of the fish I have cut out.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Italian Mystery

Who has been to Italy and sent me a postcard?
I received a post card this week of the beautiful Cathedral in Milan and like a Miss Marples I have been trying to find out who sent it.

It was correctly addressed except for my name which is Diana not Diane, so anyone who really knows me would certainly know that. My family have a nick name for me so I doubt it was from them, plus surely they would have included Chris in the address.

My daughter in law was in Italy for work but I doubt she would send a postcard and in any case it is dated before she was there... such a mystery is driving me nuts!
Front of the postcard

The back has drawings all over it and was addressed correctly.
Please own up if you sent it.... so I can thank you

What a week of ups and downs

Sunday started so well as I went to church but then I hit an uneven curb in the church yard. The damage did not look too bad but it ruined ...