Saturday, 19 January 2019

Attic24 Sweetpea crochet along week 3

I am so enjoying this CAL from Attic24, I especially love the colours.
15 new colour choices were made on Friday 
and I have them lined up ready to start this weeks crochet along.
The 15 colours are based on a Sweet Pea Posy.

Saturday 19th January

It has been a relaxing week of walking by the sea and around the golf complex we are staying in.  A chesty cough has been aggravating  me for the past few days so I have been trying a freshly squeeze lemon in honey to improve things.
This Aloe is enormous 

Yesterday we went to our favourite restaurant, Quesada in Villa Martin, for lunch... wonderful fish and chips, the batter is so light it melts in your mouth even with a cold and sore throat.

Villa Martin tiled square

A pretty mosaic tiled seat

Our favourite local shop Mercadona is closing for refurbishment so we did a large shop to keep us going a few days on the way home. Spent the evening watching Series one of Due South.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Tuesday To the coast

A walk by the Mar Menor coast.
Blue sky and palm trees

Miles of coast and easy walks

Hardly a soul in sight

The Spanish equivalent of the Red Arrows were practising manoeuvres
Back at the villa the next doors garden has a tree full of lemons
they look like Christmas tree ornaments shining in the sunlight.
Again it was hot in the afternoon and Chris sunbathed while I listened to music and worked on my crochet. As I only received my iPhone a couple of days before we left home I had to buy some music to listen to, plus I had forgotten to bring my little [very old] music gadget. Two albums by Alan Jackson, what more could I ask for, I love his Country style.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Monday 14th

Today we are settling in for our six weeks here in Roda, Mercia Spain. The washing machine is on the go and a quick hop to the shops for essential supplies.
First stop to one of the many ‘China’ shops, they sell everything and I need an oven glove and some elastic. I brought with me a pair of summer trousers not worn for probably 6 months only to find the elastic in the waistband has gone so a running repair needed!
Mercadona grocery store for our major shop, then Overseas grocery store selling Iceland, Waitrose and Greggs produce for a few extras we want, especially the frozen Greggs sausage rolls, yummy!

The weather forecast 19c but in fact it got hotter than that and we both sat outside in the sunshine, Chris in just shorts sunbathing me working on my crochet project. As the shadows lengthened we went for a walk around the block and I experimented with my new [to me] iPhone taking photos.

The Garden

Blue skies and orange groves

Chris in shorts entering the villa

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sunday Zaragosa to Roda

Back on the road again for the final journey to our home for the next six weeks.
After a few miles the temperature dropped to Minus 5 degrees!!!  seriously cold.
Luckily as we travelled further south it rose to 18C plus. 1397 miles from home.

Fuel costs in the UK £1.25  France £1.30 and Spain £1 a litre approx.

On the journey to Roda I worked on my latest crochet project. Attic24 CAL [crochet along]

Saturday in Zaragosa

A welcome lie in after two days of travelling and then into the city for some sightseeing.
Basilica del Pilar [no photos allowed] stands in great splendour and our first place to visit.
An important Christian pilgrimage site , this baroque place of worship has a most magnificent high altar piece and the Regina Martyrum dome was painted by Goya.
The Zuda o Azuda was the headquarters in 13th century of the Muslim governors and has seen many changes.
It is now a tourist board.

Part of the preserved section of the 3rd century city wall
Goya is mentioned everywhere and a museum houses many of his works

We were recommended a visit to the La Seo Cathedral, just 'wow' 
Rebuilt from 1316 to 1319 in the Gothic style the high altar is just an amazing item.
Gold work, paintings and carvings are almost too much to take in.

There are so many places to visit in
this wonderful city but bad knees and 6500 steps were all I could manage.

We finished our day with a meal at the Buffalo Resturant.

Friday, 11 January 2019

January 11th & 12th France to Spain

1001 miles travelled from home, under the Pyrenees and through stunning scenery.
I completed yet another sock from heel to toe, green this time. It’s partner was completed before I left home.

We have arranged two nights at the Tulip Hotel Zaragoza Plaza Feria
Don’t you just love a RED building!

Thursday, 10 January 2019

January 10th England to France

Up at 3am on the road by 3.30am for our booking on the 7.20 Eurotunnel early arrival means we travel on the 6.50 train and arrive in France half an hour later plus one hour time change . 8am in the pouring rain we travel to Poitier, a 15 minute hot drink / loo stop and a 30 minute lunch stop plus a 15 minute walk stop [ need to get the legs moving] we arrive for Our first night hotel.

Sejours & Affaires Poitiers Lamartine France

This is very much in the student area and the room comes with a kitchette and all mod cons for £40 plus 6 euros for secure parking.  After a rest and cuppa we decide on an early dinner, which means either McD or KFC as all the resturants do not start serving until about 8pm. We find a KFC and then fill up with Auchan fuel at 1.43 euros a litre [ 1.53 on the Autoroutes].  541 miles today.

Knitted from heel to toe on the drive from the tunnel to Poitier,
Had to wait until we arrived at the hotel to work the Kitchener stitch!

Monday, 7 January 2019

Jacqueline's 50th birthday

On Sunday ten of us celebrated daughter in law Jacq's 50th at the Windhover Resturant.
Her mother Heather and two sisters Karen and Christine plus Karen's partner Jackie, Chris and myself plus of course Richard and the girls.
Lots of empty plates.

Fun with the balloons

Back at their house  we shared the stunning cupcake birthday cake
Happy Birthday Jacq.

Sweet Pea CAL week one.

Sweet Pea colours wound onto lolly ticks and pattern printed.
The first instalment of the CAL [crochet along] was released on Friday
 and I have the starting chain of 212 stitches ready to go go go!
Thank you Lucy at Attic 24 for designing this CAL.

Attic24 Sweetpea crochet along week 3

I am so enjoying this CAL from Attic24, I especially love the colours. 15 new colour choices were made on Friday  and I have them lin...