Thursday, 18 December 2008

Stash and UFO busting

Decided today was THE day.. time to start preparing for 2009 "Stash Busting" plus thought it might be an idea to UFO bust while I was at it !!!
I weighed 14 metres of fabric converted it to yards and found the weight worked out to be 4.3 oz per yard [ I refuse to measure in metres and weigh in grams ] I then emptied my fabric cupboard and weighed all the cotton quilting fabrics AGH ! Horror ! 2708 oz which is 630 yards. This will be my starting figure for 2009.
THE PLAN is to reduce this to below 500 yds and only buy what I cannot live without.
While I was in the sorting out mode I then thought I had one or two UFO projects so I'd add them to my list.. see seperate entry, but when did one or two UFO's become 20 plus ?

1 comment:

Donna said...

The UFOs multiply when we aren't looking, just like the fabric.

A friend made the state star quilt and it was beautiful. That's a UFO worth finishing.

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