Friday, 6 February 2009

England, Snow and Sewing

While England is in the grip of the snow, schools are closed, roads remain ungritted and everything comes to a stop, I have been working on my quilts and have three of them ready to hand sew the bindings down.
The black and red one is quilted with a fleece backing as a little snuggly quilt.
The light quilt is single size [quilted by me] and will be one of a pair of two for our holiday home. The darker quilt was long arm quilted and I have attached the binding ready to hand sew it down. I will attach full size photo's when they are finished, but I like to save hand sewing for quilt meetings.


kwilta said...

I am a member of BQL also just been browsing through your blog. You have some beautiful pieces of work.
What I really want to know - how do you get the variation in colouring on the Turkey/Chicken. Always puzzled me the way it,s done.
Irene V.

Pam said...

Hi Diana
I've just finished a Mexican Star too and I'm not sure how to quilt it. How did you do yours?

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