Thursday, 29 October 2009

Night of horror!

7pm Sunday evening an almighty BANG and all our Electricity went out, a car had run up the path at the end of our drive and demolished the Electricity Cabinet and lamp standard, smoke poured out and then it caught fire! The female driver was out of the car. Police and firebrigade arrived and questions were asked!! The electricity finally came back on at 3.30am the next morning as engineers worked through the night to clear up the mess and dig up the pavement.
It is now Thursday and we have huge holes in the pavement around our house but the power is back on. I think the police took the woman away probably to breathalize and question her! Next doors car was hit in the accident and looks like a right-off! A tree is now half burnt away and 3 or 4 dustbins melted into blobs of plastic.

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Quilter In Paradise said...

at least she wasn't hurt.. that must have been an "interesting" time for you!
thank goodness she didn't come thru your house Ive seen that happen, imagine your dining and WHAM! a car is in your living room!
Beth in Dallas

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