Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Machine Embroidery day

Yesterday was a great day at BSK Bedford.

The workshop was making things for Easter and I managed to make two 3D butterflies and 4 rabbits with eggs patches, which I intend to make into either a bag or use for my Easter cards.

In the evening I attended a talk by Paula Doyle on Colour Selection, wow was this an eye opener, she is an excellent speaker and by the end of the evening the tables were piled high with her wonderful quilts. Paula is writing a book on miniature quilts, which should be out later this year.. I cannot wait.


QuiltSwissy said...

You are usually number one! LOL. You must have woken up late today! I totally forgot until very late and the day was shot by then.

Love the butterflies, my mom always loved butterflies and I notice them everywhere!


Kate said...

Beautiful embroidery. Love the butterflies, very pretty. Like the bugs bunny, he was my favorite cartoon when I was kid.

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