Sunday, 24 July 2011

Wow where did the week go!

Tuesday was BSK embroidery sewing day, I cannot show you what I did as I want them for presents! This was followed by Hamtune quilters meeting in the evening, and Anja Townrow was our wonderful speaker. She had so many quilts to show and ideas to share.

Wednesday was Speed training day, as I had been caught speeding and had the chance to go on a re-training day rather than get points on my licence. Cost £90 which is enough to slow me down!

This was followed by a demonstration of printing photographs onto fabric to my church group. It was a hectic evening as I printed everyone's photos with the help of my friend Penny.

Thursday.. I was SO tired, I read a complete book.. Wanda Brunstetter's A Merry Heart

Friday, caught up on some housework and sewing then watched the Tour de France cycle race in the afternoon. The evening was spent at my granddaughters award ceremony, a very busy noisy event.. when Eleanor age 3 refused to perform.. but Abigail age 7 performed with her street dance group and later with a ballet from the show cats.

Saturday was Fran and Tilly workshop at Pitsford, where I just worked on some of my UFO's and enjoyed the company and a lovely lunch.

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