Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Linus Quilt Day by LDS


Helping Hands

10 quilts ready for hand sewing
Saturday a "Helping Hands" day was arranged at the Church of Latter Day Saints, and I was asked to arrange a morning of patchworking. Many donations of fabric were received from friends and complete strangers, thank you all so much. Our chosen charity was Linus, and having set the room up about 20 to 25 ladies came to help. Many had never owned a sewing machine but with a little help all managed to achieve quilt tops. Some members of Church ironed, some pinned backing to batting and tops, some cut fabric. It was a hectic morning but enjoyed by all.
I have spent the last two days quilting the tops to batting and backing plus adding the bindings ready for the final finishing hand sewing on Friday at our craft meeting.
Ten quilts are ready for the final hemming, while about 4 or 5 are still in the making.

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