Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Her Majesty's Theatre

Outside the Theatre [in pink]

The waiting

The Ticket
In McDonald's

On Sunday my eldest Granddaughter, Abigail age 9, performed on stage at Her Majesty's Theatre London.
The show called Bobby Dazzlers was to showcase dancegroups from around the country.
Chris and I met up with the family [Richard, Jacquline, Eleanor and Abigail] in McDonald's where the group went to eat before the performance, as they had been rehearsing all day.
It was a wonderful evening and one we would not have missed for anything, even though it cost £36 in the car park!!!

1 comment:

Quack Quack22 said...

Ishould think you had a great day!
A very proud grandma. £36 carpark is still cheaper than going down by train!!!

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