Monday, 22 April 2013

Salisbury Plain 4 x 4 Weekend

How deep is this water!

Pretty narrow lanes

Lunch stop
Narrow tracks

Waiting for a passing horse!

Pig farms everywhere

Splish Splash!

Warning signs

More warning signs

Mud everywhere

Tidal wave approaches

Rest stop

Will this car ever be clean again!

7 Land Rovers in the convoy

The CSMA arranged a Salisbury Saunter across Salisbury Plain, we arrived on Saturday and found a 10 to 12 mile green lane to have fun on our own before spending the night at a near by Travel Lodge.
Sunday bright and early we joined thirteen 4 x 4 owners, mostly Land Rovers, for the day. Split into two groups, seven in our group, we set off for a day of mud, scratches and bumps..  The weather was really kind to us and the sun shone most of the day.

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