Sunday, 4 January 2009

January Stash report

Tuesdays will be my weekly report day
Starting Stash 620 yds
Added this week 14 yds
[7 yds cream a jelly roll and Layer cake]
Used this week 8 1/2 yds
[ Pink & Green quilt, bit bag & mug holder]
Donated this week 12 yds to GD's school
30th December balance 613.5 yds

Added this week 0 yds
Used this week 6 yds
[Backing for Pink & Green quilt, BQL challenge block]
6th January balance 607.5 yds

Added this week 5 1/2 yds
Used this week 5 yds
[Baltimore blocks, In a swirl blocks, another Bit bag]
13th January balance 608 yds

Added this week 17 yds [ the sales are on!]
Used this week 3 yd
[ In a swirl quilt started ]
20th January balance 622 yds

Added this week 14 1/2 yds [last week of sales!]
Used this week 8 1/2 yds
[Star block quilts & charm square blocks ]
27th January balance 628 yds


Lori in South Dakota said...

I love the reports that list the beginning count for stash. I have never counted my stash. Reminds me of the phrase "be afraid, be very afraid!"

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Welcome to the Stashbusting fun! I read back and like the way you decided to weigh your fabric to get the yardage. I don't measure yardage - I keep track by finished projects! Cheers! -Evelyn

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