Friday, 16 January 2009

Sticky Mats [reminder from my Jan 2009 entry]

Having a problem with threads migrating from my Happy Room which has wood laminate flooring to the rest of the house, Chris came up with a great idea. Sticky Mats !
They come in a pack of 30 and stick to the floor near the door, as you walk on them the threads stay stuck! Brilliant.

I bought mine from x 45 cm small 4 packs of 30 layers £28 plus post and VAT £41.64

Also available from USA supplier


Tracey said...

sticky mats sound great, hope all works well for you,

i have sent you a award pop over to my blog and copy the award picture and more details,

take care

Anonymous said...

Diana you make me dizzy with all your work - superb. Looking forward to seeing how much you make now we are grounded by the snow.

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