Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Back of quilt-as-you-go quilt

This is the back of the quilt-as-you-go, showing how I used a wavy creative grids ruler as a template for the easy quilting, and the finish of the joining. My sewing machines do not have large throats so I find manovering a large quilt very difficult. Having made small blocks in the quilt-as-you-go method I thought if I made my large quilt in panels I could cope and then joined them... BINGO... it was so much easier.
Quilt-as-you-go there are lots of www site and U-tube advice on this method, but I joined a 1 1/8" strip to the front and a folded in half 1 3/4" strip to the back of one panel. Next I joined the 1 1/8" strip to the next panel, making sure the batting met in the middle. Finally I sewed the folded strip across the backs and joined by hand. Does this make sense?

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Vickie said...

Way to go Diana..well done and yep makes perfect sense.cheers Vickie

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