Friday, 3 September 2010

IAM group TENTH anniversary

Let me introduce you to our IAM group. 10 years ago a few of us met to make bobbin lace and knit and sew, this expanded to the eight members we now have.. a full house in my workroom!
Ann, Clare, Dorn, Jenny, Maureen, Penny, Shirley and myself. [ notice I have listed them alphabetically.. there is great rivalry as to who started when and how they came to join ;-) ].
Yesterday we celebrated our ten years of crafting, with wonderful deserts made by Jenny and her husband Ray [ they were eaten too quickly for me to take a photo!]
We played a open or steal gift game in the morning, made origami bags and had much laughter. After lunch we had show and tell, which is always a highlight as we make so many different things between us. Then followed the mad Right / Left game, where holding a FQ a story is read out and every time right is mentioned you pass your FQ to the right, and when left is mentioned pass to the left.. the tears of laughter fell !
I was given a lovely bunch of flowers and card, for which I thank my group and look forward to the next 10 years, when it was decided we would all arrive in an Age Concern bus with our walkers.. what a fun group.

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