Monday, 27 August 2012

The Land Rover Show

Sheep block the road

Cows take to the highway!

Arriving at Eastnor Castle Show Ground

Waiting for the off!

The Land Rover queue

We're off in a convoy of ten

Muddy at the high point
Arrived at the show on Saturday to a LOT of mud, walked around the stalls and ooh'ed and ahh'ed over Land Rovers old and new.

It always amazes me what people can do to a Land Rover, we did not buy the missile launcher!

Sunday the sun shone and we found ourselves second in the convoy of Land Rovers [ and one Toyota!] to tackle the intermediate course.
After all the recent rain there was water everywhere and some deep enough to reach the top of the bonnet. Two hours of travelling over the Land Rover Experience Course was great fun if not a bit scary at times. At the start we were all issued with walkie talkies and it was fun listening to the leader and back up vehicle especially when a Defender got really stuck and had to be roped out.

What a week of ups and downs

Sunday started so well as I went to church but then I hit an uneven curb in the church yard. The damage did not look too bad but it ruined ...