Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas comes to IAM group

FQ game and Steal or Keep game gifts

£2 presents

Christmas mice workshop

Macrame Bracelet workshop

Show and Tell

Present time

A day of laughter

Yesterday my IAM group had our Christmas party. This started with a making a mouse workshop followed by a bracelet making workshop [ thanks Ann for doing this]. Lunch was quickly eaten so we could have Show and Tell.. the bra I made for the Breast Cancer competition caused much laughter ! Everyone had something for the show and tell and we all admired each others work.
Next came the gift opening, with a £2 limit it is amazing what everyone found to give to the other seven in the group. We then played the Santa Right / Left game where we all had a FQ wrapped and as the story was read passed from left to right. There are lots of versions of this game on the Internet.. here's one .
We then played a gift game and got totally confused, but it was fun.
Everyone left with a smile on their face, and we look forward to our 13th year in 2013.

1 comment:

quiltergirl424 said...

looks like a fun happy day was had by all and you Diana would make a good mate for superman. him with his pants over his trousers and you with your bra over your blouse !!!!!


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