Monday, 31 December 2012

Pridmore family party

Chris and I were invited to my cousin John's family party yesterday. We arranged to take his lady friend Joan with us and the cold sunny bright day was a pleasure to travel in. 1/2 hour from home on the M1 we came to a stop and sat there for TWO hours while fire engines and ambulances etc raced past us. The scene of the terrible accident was really shocking, five cars one with its roof and doors cut off littered the road. We estimate we were only [2 miles] 1 1/2 minutes behind this accident and thank God we were OK.

Everyone had eaten their lunch when we arrived but as it was a carvery we could still eat.
Then a large cake was delivered to celebrate Joan's 96th birthday next week.
Thank you John for inviting us so we could get to know your children and grandchildren a bit better.

Joan's 96th birthday cake

John, me and Chris

Some of the many Pridmore clan.

Just heard on the radio there were actually 8 cars in the pile up and four people taken to hospital, but none [ not even the ones cut from the car] too seriously hurt. What a blessing.

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