Saturday, 4 May 2013

I cannot stop sewing!

In the last couple of years I took part in three machine embroidery swaps. The first was a bird on a blue background, then flowers and finally butterflies.
The blocks have been stacked in a corner of my workroom as they are all different sizes and I could not decide how to put them together.

I decided just to go for it... added a 1 inch border to all of them having cut them into squares or oblongs. Next I just started sewing at random [ a hard thing for me] and making them fit by adding extra strips of fabric to fill in gaps.

Two blocks left over will be used for something else, but I am quite pleased to have it all in one piece now, and will probably put a fleece backing on it, and use as a snuggle quilt to remind myself of all the friends that made the blocks.

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