Friday, 3 May 2013

Thrapston / Oundle Byways Day

Start of the day

Old Roman tracks

Ruts and blossoms

Wet under foot

Even wetter !

Me driving across a field

Lunch under the trees

Welland Valley

No going into Rutland

Chris leaving a Byway
May Day saw us making a large circle of Byways and lanes around the Thrapston area. It was a wonderful sunny day and the first day many of the Byways are open. The local councils close them from October to April. We were suprised how muddy some of them were as it has been quite dry lately. We passed woods filled with Primroses and lots of Cowslips.. Spring has sprung at last.
In the air we saw Kites flying and the quiet of the countryside made a wonderful change from the pace of normal life.

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