Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Boxing Day

What a great day was spent with the family yesterday, eating [too much!] and playing games.
Richard and Jacq had prepared a wonderful meal and the girls were very excited opening presents.

Between the main course and the Christmas pudding we played the right / left game which allowed time for the food to go down!

Then it was back into the lounge to play pass the reindeer antlers. This game consisted of putting antlers on your head every time the music stopped and choosing a mystery gift for someone from a large bag, giving the gift and a hug to whoever name was on it. Great fun and I won a fish shaped USB stick which will look good in my Embroidery Machine.

After a quick drink it was onto the pass the jelly game, like pass the parcel but the gifts are all in a bag attached to string. A sort of jelly thing [ horrible to touch!] is passed around and when the music stopped you pull out a string and get a gift.. much fun and laughter.

We then HAD to eat Christmas cake even if we were full! Richard had made it and Eleanor [6yrs] had helped decorate it... yummy!

Coping with two walking sticks and struggling getting in and out of the car I forgot my camera, so hopefully some one took a photo and will email me it.
Some of the Happy Room sewing items I received.. should keep me busy for a while. 

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