Wednesday, 4 December 2013

IAM Christmas party

Yesterday we had a full house for the IAM Christmas Party.

It was such a special day with tears of laughter for most of it!

The morning was spent chatting and working on last minute projects, then after a quick lunch we had show and tell.
Jenny had completed a really nice quilt, and painted a beautiful woodland scene. Penny had completed her Christmas London scene cushions. Maureen had four little bags made from charm squares. Clare  had made a lovely Santa sack, while Shirley had a wonderful selection of crocheted mitts she had made. Ann had Christmas tree ornaments and Dorn showed us how to make Candy Stick mice and Christmas stars. I showed my machine embroidery jacket and Amish Cross stitch.  Such a wide selection of crafty items.

We then exchanged gifts, the rules being to buy 7 gifts costing £2. It was amazing what people had managed to find and we all enjoyed opening the pretty parcels.
Next came the fun and games.  Starting with a game of Left/Right with FQ's being the items passing right and left at such speed we were all having the giggles it was hard for me to read the story!
A game of quilt Bingo followed, that I had found on the Internet, but we landed up with all of us needing the same answer to fill the cards, so the game was abandoned and the £5 gifts we had for this game were used with 8 rolls of Christmas toilet paper for another game of Right / left.. this time it was even harder to read the story as eight OAP's moved 8 presents and 8 toilet rolls around the table! Glasses were removed and mascara ran as we wiped away the tears of laughter!

Happy Christmas for the 13th year of the IAM group.
£2 gifts for everyone

£5 gifts for the Bingo 

Shirley's show and tell peg display

Opening the cards

Present opening

Laughter with crafty friends

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