Saturday, 3 June 2017

Re-organising AGAIN!

Two new units from Ikea with four pretty baskets enabled me to have a sort out in the corner of my Happy Room. Why do I have SO much "stuff" ? I guess anyone with a hobby says that. It is difficult to throw things away that one day you might need, but something has to go in my room.
I have not bought any material for quite some time and use fabric from my stash, all the white cupboards plus some more not in the photo are full of fabric, but it does not seem to make any difference however much I use to the overall "stuff" everywhere.

Love the new Ikea units.
I'm not very keen on sewing down the bindings on quilts, all a bit tedious. However I now have four Row by Row panels and two single bed quilts waiting for the hand sewing of the bindings for them to be complete. I'm giving my self a July deadline to get them finished.

Just waiting for a needle and thread!

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