Thursday, 1 June 2017

Day 2 of the girls visit

The girls arrived sleepy eyed early in the morning and we discuss a few ideas for the day.
Finally we decide to go to Salcey Forest and search out the tree top walk. Grandad is persuded to put the Gruffalo app on his phone.

The start of the walkway to the tree tops.

Not too keen on bridges you can see through, I decide to give it a go,
thinking I will just walk a little way as my latest knee has really been playing me up.

While Eleanor races on jumping to make the walkway sway !!
Abigail and I keep going.

We all reach the top and the views are wonderful,
now for the walk back down for me while the other three climb the open stairs to the high view point.

Above the trees

Back on ground level we follow the Gruffalo trail and by pointing the app on the phone
at the signs a cartoon appears and as if by magic the girls can stand behind it for the photo.
Not too sure Chris is keen on his head being in the photo but hey-ho!

Glad the snake they find is another cartoon from the app.

The weather is perfect and we all enjoy the walk even though I am struggling now with my knee and FitBit telling me I have walked over 5000 steps [ the most by far since my knee replacement]

Back home for lunch, sticky ribs, peas and the new potatoes the girls dug for yesterday.
We decide the weather is so nice we will eat in the Summer House.

The afternoon was spent playing board games. We even found a game of Triominos  that was last played with Richard  over 30 years ago.

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