Wednesday, 31 May 2017

What a day!

What a day Tuesday turned out to be.
7.30am saw me dropping Chris off at Northampton General Hospital for removal of his Gall bladder. The worry and tension of this was having it's toll on both of us.

8.45am the girls arrived for the day, so we set to making Get well cards for Grandad.
They had great fun choosing fabrics from my stash and ironing it onto Heat-n-Bond.
Next came the fun part of choosing die shapes and cutting them out on the Sizzix machine, these were then ironed onto cards and felt tips used to write messages... it was so enjoyable they made a few extra cards.

Card making
12am. midday I called the hospital to see how Chris was getting on and they said he was still waiting for his operation. The girls were concerned about the fact he had nothing to eat since the night before.
The completed cards

Lunch was hot dogs and ice creams in the summer house, it was too nice a day to sit inside.
We then played a game of Ticket to Ride.

1.30pm the hospital called for me to collect Chris, his operation had been cancelled for the second time!

Back home the girls cut off his name tags and laughed at the grey compression stockings and red slipper-socks he was wearing.  It was so nice having them here to take away some of the tension.

We played Game of Life in the afternoon, and put away the Get Well cards until he does eventually have the operation.

Also during the day we emptied the container I had planted with a couple of seed potatoes and were amazed to find just over a kilo of lovely potatoes ready for eating. The girls loved digging in the soil to find as many as they could. Grandma cleaned up the mess afterwards!!

Digging with their hands for potatoes

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Judypam said...

So sorry to read of cancelled op. xxx

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