Friday, 12 May 2017

Row by Row #4

The Milton Keynes quilt shop Threads and Patches, in 2016 designed a Row by Row of London.

I bought the kit in June 2016 and have just managed to make it before it's first birthday as a UFO, actually it's not a UFO as I hadn't even opened the packet until a couple of days ago!

While Chris is still working nights in Harrods I enjoyed myself in my Happy Room sewing undisturbed while he slept.

The panel shows Nelson's feet standing on his column with a pigeon nesting on it in the fore ground.
St Paul's Cathedral, The Gherkin, Big Ben, The London Eye and Tower Bridge in shadow to the right.
As usual I did not follow the instructions ! Nelson's column was suppose to be patchworked into the sky fabric, but I did not like the joins so made up the column base, machine embroidered the lettering and then Heat-n-Bonded it onto the sky, finishing it with buttonhole stitch on the sewing machine the same as the rest of the panel. 

I now need to complete Row by Row #3.

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Christa said...

Very nice, Diana. I have several "adaptions" in my Row by Rows. Personal touch!

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