Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Get together and Row by Row #3

Three friends arrived for a sewing day yesterday, and we all set to on making a Row by Row panel.
Christine had three ready for sewing down the applique on the designs she had chosen.
Pauline and Penny were working on patchwork Rows.
I decided it was time to complete my 'Row' #3

Interesting that we all choose different panels to work on.
Just love this Bear panel and Christine's choice of fabric is really nice

Penny's HOME just needs a couple of birds sitting on the fence

Pauline wants to add a window to the Quilt Shop

My completed 'Row@ #3
My friend Chantal sent me this kit, bought in Brussels Belgium. I forgot to reverse the pattern for the applique but I guess it does not matter unless you are familiar with this sky line!

I have five Row by Rows completed now, all they need is the backing and binding. I think I have decided, but then again my change my mind, how I want to complete them. Also there are at least two more I want to make.

It was a great day of sewing, friendship and laughter.

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