Friday, 5 May 2017

May IAM meeting

What a great day we had yesterday at the IAM meeting in my Happy Room.
All eight members arrived and after the aches and pains and general medical problems we all have were discussed our conversation turned to funerals and 'green' burials!  Yes we are a craft group but all being retired I guess these thoughts need an airing occasionally.  I must say there was a lot of laughter went along with the subject!

A hot or cold drink, no two people seem to drink the same thing, we settled down to sewing, knitting, crochet, English piecing, cutting out applique etc etc..
The sun was out and I think it lifted all our spirits after the past few cold miserable days.

The morning flew by and after eating our packed lunches and sharing the two lovely Roulades Maureen had brought we had show and tell, always a favorite part of the day for me.

Shirley was busy working on the latest Attic 24 crochet pattern,
very pretty colours.

Penny showed her long round cushion completed after our little workshop.
I too showed my cushion.

Penny had also completed her cushion with lots of buttons 

Jenny had been busy with wax and a hot iron
 to produce very pretty Encaustic art pictures.

Dorn's silk Sandie Lush cushion [click on link to take you to her site]

Ann had used fleece to make a cuddly Linus blanket
The day went far too quickly and having discussed a trip out for our July meeting every one went home smiling.

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