Monday, 1 May 2017

May Day visit to Lamport Hall show

Lamport Hall has a very chequered past. Build in Tudor times it has been home to a blind book collector, 17th century grand tourist, eccentric Victorian, Hollywood Actor and home to the Isham family for over four centuries.

Due to two world wars and the ravages of time Lamport Hall has undergone many changes, some of which are a family home, flats, country club, Records office and an Italian prisoner of war camp.

Sir Gyles Isham died in 1976, in his will he bequeathed the estate to the Lamport Hall Preservation Trust, which was set up to carry on the lengthy restoration work needed after dry rot and general neglect was found.

The hall and grounds are now a centre of culture and education.

Today an Art and Craft Fair was held and although the weather was very changeable [sunshine and showers] we made a visit.
The vast stables are a great venue for all the different stalls, everything from leather work, to jam!

The grand entrance

Spinner using dog hair to produce a fine wool

The Lamport church

Daffodils have gone over and the blue bells make a wonderful sight.

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