Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A trip around the garden

Chris is working nights at Harrods in London for 8 sessions to help out his old employer with some IT work.
It is a bit of a shock to the system for both of us, him with a lack of sleep and me creeping about in the day keeping as quiet as possible.

Today the sun is shining and I thought I would take a look around my garden.. want to join me?
An experiment with growing First Early potatoes in an old dustbin with the bottom cut out!

I had a couple of chitted potatoes left over so stuck them in a large empty plant pot
no idea when I can eat them, the packet said June so I will have a feel then!

Colourful pansies with some of my Acers in the background

My favourite Rhododendron, just love how the flowers look dark red
until the sun reaches them and they start to turn pick.

Polygala myrtifolia a gift from my family for Mothers day in March
A member of the pea family it has put on a lot of growth in a month.

Pansies, self seeded from last year.

Please do not mow the daisies, I love them in the lawn.

A late cowslip in the shade of a Japanese statue

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