Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Kitchen Saga Day 35

35 days ago I ordered a new free standing cooker with induction hob, a cooker was delivered the next day, and I had purchased new saucepans, frying pans etc. and was keen to use it, only to find the guy had delivered a ceramic hob cooker not induction!!  No problem he would get it exchanged.

31 days later fed up with waiting I asked for my money back and he was full of apologies, came and took the machine away and refunded me my money plus £25 to buy us a meal out.

What have I been doing for the past month you may ask?
George Foreman grill, Crockpot, Combi Microwave and Steamer have all been put to good use, but I lacked a hot plate. Yesterday I managed to solve that problem with a single free standing induction hob for £29 from Ebay... I love it, plus it will come in really handy when I do get fixed up with a hob and oven if I need an extra hot plate.
The hole where a cooker should be!
New saucepans waiting patiently for a hob !
Steamer and Crockpot near at hand.

At last I have an induction hob, OK it's only a little single one, but I love it, so fast to heat up.

George is hiding in the cupboard waiting for the next steak!

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