Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The LDS Pageant and Blackpool

Friday we set off to meet friends Audrey and Colin at the Cherry Tree near Manchester en route to our hotel in Blackpool. The traffic was light and we arrived early so were forced to visit a lovely wool and fabric shop ten minutes away from the resturant.
Sneaking in a quick visit to the Black Sheep Shop.
Opps, there was so much chatting and eating going on I completely forgot to take a photo of our friends.

Across the road and tram line from our Shearings Hotel to the sea.
It was certainly bracing in the wind but the sun was hot.
We enjoyed a number of walks along the coast.
The reason for our trip to Blackpool was to attend the Latter Day Saints Pageant taking place at Preston Temple. Were we in for a treat. Before the show there were demonstrations of quilting, tatting, wood turning, games, dancing, music etc etc.. everyone taking part was dressed in wonderful costumes, even the little children.
A few of the demonstrations taking place before the Pageant started.
When I asked if I could take her photo this quilter quickly removed her glasses as they were not of the period!
However she said she could not quilt without them.

Another quilter working on a very old Singer sewing machine and by hand
Costume dancers were asking those watching to take part in tradition dances of the 1830's
Mother and daughter working at the loom
As the time for the pageant arrived we all made our way down to the temporary staging area. The place was packed, not a seat to spare, I was glad I had acquired tickets well in advance.
The pageant depicted the story of the first members of the church arriving in England
 and spreading the word of the restored gospel.
Six hundred members of the church took part in the show  all dressed in costumes from the 1830's.
Complete families took part, including babes in arms through all the ages of children to adults.
The singing was so good at first I thought it was recorded but then saw high on a mezzanine level the choir.
Stage production and dancing were faultless.
I am proud to be a member of this church.

 All the performers, choir and back stage people were volunteers, in fact everything was free, the seats and even the programmes. If there is ever another Pageant [ it was on for two weeks] try and get to see it,you will not be disappointed.

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