Thursday, 15 August 2019

Two days with the girls

The girls arrived Tuesday for a couple of days. The morning was spent making biscuits, Rainbow for Eleanor and smarties for Abigail, then it was off to Costco for lunch and a little shopping, we all love that place!  The afternoon was spent playing games.

Wednesday Clare and her two Grandaughters, Lily and Ruby, arrived for a glass lantern workshop with Vanessa of Ginger Cat Glass. It was like waiting for Christmas with all four girls eager to get started designing their six glass panels.

Vanessa giving Clare instructions

Eyes down sorting out the many containers of glass

Eleanor in goggles cutting glass, opposite Lily. Abigail opposite Ruby using tweezers.

So many choices, even the lanterns come in Black, White and Green.

So many different ideas ready for Vanessa to take home and put in the kiln... we cannot wait to get the completed lanterns back.

Also many thanks Ruby for the Lemon cake, and Abigail & Eleanor for the biscuits.

After the workshop we had a picnic lunch followed by a game of cards... Excellent day.

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