Thursday, 21 April 2011

Abigail's butterfly quilt

Husbands arms were not wide enough for the quilt photo! but I have managed to get all the borders on and if I can find someone to long arm quilt it, and it's not too expensive I will get the top put together and add a binding. Then the 3D butterflies will be added randomly [ I have 7 of them made so far].

If longarm quilting is too expensive it will take me some time to get it quilted, as it is not one of my favorite things with large quilts. This one measure 66 x 83 inches.

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quiltergirl424 said...

Abigail's quilt looks fab, can't wait to see the butterflies on it. Re the quilting, 48 blocks, set yourself a target to quilt 3 blocks a day = 16 days, 4 days to do border and 1 day to sew on butterflies, 21 days in total and Hey Presto it's done and you have saved yourself a whole load of money!!

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