Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sun Bonnet Sue

My Sun Bonnet Sue BOM blocks are all finished and joined together, using the quilt as you go method.

The next border will be red to match the sashing but then I cannot decide what to do !! There are meant to be further borders with applique on but as I have used red and black I just do not think it will work.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Final idea is just to put on one red border and edge it with the black and use it as a wall hanging.


Chris said...

I wish I had an idea to share....Nice work though.

Sue Daurio said...

my first thought was to mimic the sashing on the border. The other thing is taking some of the blue if you need a larger border for additional applique. The quilt is absolutely adorable!!! It will be so sweet no matter how you finish, can't wait to see the completed project.

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