Thursday, 29 September 2011

The cooker arrives

Firstly I must point out I have a very small kitchen.
My cooker was really old and needed changing, so I decided to go for a double oven, ceramic top, free standing version that would fit my small space.
It arrived this morning and I was thrilled with it, but then as soon as the delivery men left I realised that the main oven door has hinges on the left and opens to the left which is no good in my kitchen. There is no way to change the door, and it is impossible to tell from the look of it. Marks and Spencer were very good and tried to find me one that either hinged to the right or had a drop down door.. no luck.  A visit to two local retailers showed all the cookers now hinge to the left.. so I'm stuck. Surely I cannot be the only person that needs a right handed door?

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