Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Strange requests!

My son phoned asking if I still had a hood hairdryer and a box camera [the sort with a cloth that goes over your head]! Now I know I am getting old, but that is ridiculous!
It seems my Granddaughter's ballet class are putting on a production and need 3 hairdryers and the camera! Any one any ideas where I might find them?


Caroline said...

I have one! LOL! My sister in law gave it to me, so that I can do malibu treatments at home, because we have such bad well water. Maybe try Goodwill!

Happy Room Diana said...

Ok what is a malibu treatment? Sounds painful!! I am keeping my eyes open for one in a charity shop.

Caroline said...

It's not painful at all, unless you count the time that it takes under the heat of the hair dryer. It is a little pack of chemical powder you mix with water and put on your hair, wrap a plastic bag around your head, and sit under the dryer for about 20 - 45 minutes. What it does is remove the minerals that our well water deposits on my hair. I have medium brown hair, but with the minerals, it looks coppery, and has a wiry feel to it. I hate what our water does. YUK!