Sunday, 16 June 2013

Accuquilt v Sizzix

Having sold some things on Ebay I had a little splurge yesterday and bought some fabric.
I love the fabric that looks like bolts of fabric... wonder what I will do with that! In fact I wonder what I will do with any of it, as I already have cupboards full!

I have also decided to buy a cutting machine for fabric, and cannot decide  between the Accuquilt and the Sizzix, if you have either [or both] these machines please leave me a message with any thoughts you have about them.


Mo Smith said...

I have an Accuquilt, purchased after I received a small legacy. If you give your e-mail address to Kathy Lee at the next Hamtune I will get it from her and send you some info - too much to post here!

Sue Wild said...

I have a Sizzix already because I had a brief fling with card making and it was handy to find out I could get quilt dies for this, though I've not yet purchased any. If you get to one of the shows, say FoQ, have a look at the suppliers for both makes to see what the pros and cons are.

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