Saturday, 1 June 2013

The fish pond

Using the nets

Grandad in the pond
 Thursday was  "Clean out the Pond" day. Not a great job at the best of times, and usually only tackled about once every 5 or 6 years.

The girls were excited as I had bought them nets to catch the fish and move them to the paddling pool we had set up on the lawn.

Moved to the paddling pool

Moving back home
While I cleaned out the baskets of water lilies, and plants the girls and Grandad moved 29 fish 4 or 5 newts and a few frogs and tadpoles to the paddling pool.

We were quite excited to find we had a rare crested newt.

Towards the end of the session Abigail 9yrs fell into the paddling pool and was soaked to the waist, after the shock and finding she was OK we managed to sort out some clothes and a pair of my boots [ miles too big] for her to wear! She was soon outside helping again.

  • The water in the paddling pool was put back into the pond next day together with a top up from the waterbutts and some tap water.  The fish and other's all seem happy in their new home.

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