Sunday, 9 June 2013

Green Lane Friday

Yes we managed to get through this gate!

A wonderful view of the lane ahead

Interesting sign on one of the gates just before we saw a barn owl

Lunch break

Overgrown and locked!

A Byway with a very small gate!

Lower Shuckburgh Church

Lower Shuckburgh Stocks

After getting stuck in the rut!

Part of our route around Northamptonshire

Chris opening a gate

Friday was a beautiful sunny day so Chris and I set off to drive the Byways around Northamptonshire. This is a wonderful way to see the countryside and appreciate the County we live in.

Chris does almost all the driving, but on occasion I do some, and it was while I was driving I got the car stuck in a very deep rut, so deep Chris could not get out of the car to help drive it out of the rut. Eventually I manged to 'fall' out of myside, which was high off the ground and he crawled over the cubby box to perform his magic and get us out of the rut. Needless to say both me and the car were covered in mud! What fun we have.  Thank goodness we had already passed the stocks at Lower Shuckburgh or I might have found myself in them!
A number of the Byways that should be open we found locked which was a shame and Chris will contact the council about them.

Main gate locked and barbwired!

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