Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cheering myself up!

In August I saw the Specialist to arrange for a knee replacement, and need to see him again for the actual operation date, but twice he has had to cancel the appointment as he is now ill. These delays have caused me to feel very down, as I would really like to get it all over and done with.
Also today would have been my Mum's 99th birthday and I really miss her.

In an attempt to cheer me up, Chris took me to buy new plans for the tubs outside my Happy Room. I intended to buy some pansies or something similar, but could not pass up these fabulous huge chrysanthemums. I love them and they remind me of holidays in France and Belgium, when we would often bring them back home at this time of year.

Tonight is a meeting of Hamtune Quilters with Ruth Jarman as speaker, she is always very entertaining, so I will go to the meeting.

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