Sunday, 6 October 2013

What happened to the week?

This week seems to have flown by. The blog seems to have suffered from lack of my time.

Wednesday I used one of my Groupon purchases and had a Swedish massage and manicure for £17 instead of the normal £44 it was excellent and I will use the same place again when they advertise another offer.

Thursday was our IAM craft day at my house. It was a lovely meeting with delicious dessert supplied by Dorn. Jenny was away on holiday so another friend, Pauline, made up the numbers as she was in town.

Everyone had lots to talk about and Show and Tell after lunch was really good... pity I forgot to take any photos!

Friday was my third day this week back at the gym [ after 4 weeks absence ] Oh! the pain!!

Saturday was Relief Society meeting at Church and I was asked to bring my family tree fabric picture quilt to put in the exhibition. I received lots of very nice comments about it.

Today the sun was shinning and as Chris had been a bit down during the week we took off for a day travelling the Byways of Northamptonshire in his Land Rover. Six wonderful hours enjoying God's countryside with a brief stop for the picnic lunch I had rapidly put together.
Trees laden with berries

One of the many gates I opened

The local wildlife

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Christa said...

So where do I find a picture of your family tree fabric picture quilt in your blogs? Sounds so interesting.You always do such lovely things.

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