Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I am not known for my cooking, it takes such a time and I have other things I would sooner be doing.
BUT I saw a slow cooker book advertised and thought I would give it a try.

Stephanie O'Dea in 2008 started a Slow Cooker blog and promised to blog a recipe every day of the year. Now she has brought out a book covering the 365 recipes she and her blogging friends made.

On Sunday I cooked a beef joint using one of her recipes.. delicious and cooked with no liquid [didn't know you could do that!].

Yesterday I cooked Chicken in Cranberry, something I would never have thought of. As I cannot eat onions I substituted carrots and cooked enough for two meals and the taste of the cranberries with the chicken and carrots was so good, it took a lot of resolve to freeze the second meal and not eat it today.

I have plans for one or two more of her recipes making enough to eat and freeze. That way when I go in hospital for my knee replacement I wont have to worry about cooking for a while the meals will be ready.

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Stephanie ODea said...

Thank you for your review, Diana! I'm so glad you enjoyed your beef roast and cranberry chicken!
happy slow cooking to you! ;-)

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