Thursday, 20 November 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Had a great evening at Relief Society last night, where three of us set up craft tables, button cards and Christmas trees, gift bags and my table was felt Christmas ornaments. All went extremely well.

Today I spent the first half hour in bed opening presents and cards, thank you all so much.
One of the cards was full of little 70 s, now the bed and floor are covered with them!

Off to BSK for a Machine Embroidery day with my friend Penny, so I have the cream cakes ready!
How's this for a coincidence? My husband wanted to get me a card with nice words plus a card with 70 on it.
The card from my son and his wife was the same card!
Friends last night told me life starts at 70, so I am looking forward to it.

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Quack Quack22 said...

Happy birthday, Diana. xx

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