Tuesday, 18 November 2014

November Catch Up

Where has the time gone since my last blog post?
Most of it has been spent in terrible pain from an IBS flare up and not much "get up and go". It has been years since I had an attack and I had forgotten how painful they can be.
Yesterday was a better day and I am hoping I have seen the worst of it.

During the month ;-
I taught a workshop for BQS [Busy Quilters and Stitching group] at Bedford.
Fifteen ladies made little thread catchers in Christmas Fabrics. It was a great workshop and I really enjoy the friendliness of this group.
Preparing kits

Friends celebrated their Golden Wedding, well done Pauline and Brian.

I spent three days at the Temple south of London, after a good journey down I had a terrible journey home [ 5 hours!] but the time spent at the Temple is just so nice and spiritual.
Early one morning

A workshop with Helen Spence at Hamtune Quilters, was a great success and I enjoyed making another bag, which will probably be a present for someone.

Last Saturday Chris and I attended the Lighthouse Theatre to see Abigail and Eleanor perform with the Michelle Randle School of Dance. It was Eleanor's first time to dance on stage and she looked great and obviously was really concentrating on her steps. At 7 yrs and 1 month she was brilliant. Abigail [11yrs] did some very impressive moves across the stage on her own and had many costume changes going from being a school girl in Matilda to a nun in In The Habit. I think she was on stage in about 6 numbers!
The whole show was so well performed by everyone, even son Richard who was Back Stage Crew and  DIL Jacqueline who helped dressing and with the props.

I think this brings us more upto date on what is happening in my life. Now on countdown [ 2 sleeps to go ] for my BIG birthday. I started wondering where November went, now I'm wondering where the last 70 years went?

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quiltergirl424 said...

Glad to see you back blogging and hope you're feeling better today. Have a lovely Birthday and your few days away and don't drown in te hot tub.......

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