Monday, 10 November 2014

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, 11th November. let us not forget.

My mother's youngest brother, my Uncle Charles Henry Ashby born 1919 served in the
Royal Army Service Corps #219884 during WW2 .
He was taken a prisoner of war soon after he landed in France and taken to Camp 4c Stalag in Wistritz bei Teplitz. Prisoner #252314.
 When he finally managed to escape and return home he was always a loner.
I think the horrors he saw effected the rest of his life.
He was always one of my favorite Uncles and is fondly remembered.

Stalag 4C was a POW Camp at Sudentenland Treibstoff Werke, Wistritz bei Teplitz near BrĂ¼x (now called Most) in Czechoslovakia, where fuel was synthesized from brown coal and many of the POWs worked in the mines.

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