Friday, 31 October 2014

Whats under the cover AGAIN!

Yesterday I had a new car, I know I had one three weeks ago but...
I bought the VW Up! car from Johnsons at Solihull and it came with a 30 day or 1000 miles exchange with no questions asked if I did not like it.  I liked the car reasonably well but hated the gear box and also the boot was rather small when I tried to get all my sewing stuff into it for a workshop, so decided to go for a bigger car with a different gear box.

We laughed at the markings under the car...looked like a criminal act had been performed!
Better change my coat for a blue one!

I now have a VW Polo in a sparkly dark blue and I love it. The girls were with us when I went to get it and gave it a thumbs up for space. I must say the garage were wonderful and made the exchange [plus a little more money]  so easy.

On our way to the exchange we had time to spare and visited a garden centre where the girls fell for a big polar bear... guess this means Christmas is around the corner and I had better start thinking about it.

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Christa said...

Congratulations to the new car (again). Never heard of this. That business knows how important a happy costumer is!

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