Thursday, 23 October 2014

Edna Harris 90th Birthday

Tuesday saw me meeting up with two of my cousins, Rosalind and Andrew plus his wife Rosemary, for lunch. A very rare occasion for us to get together, although we live a few miles from each other. It was great catching up on news and wondering why we did not do it more often!

We then went to see our Aunty Edna to celebrate her 90th birthday. Rosalind had taken her a cake earlier in the morning so we looked forward to cutting it with her, thinking we might be the only ones there in the middle of the day. How wrong we were! the house was full of people, her two sons and their families had taken time off work and travelled to be there plus friends had dropped by, only half of the cake remained!

I decided to give Aunty a lap quilt I had made that I backed with fleece, she has always liked and appreciated the things I have made her. She immediately wrapped herself in the quilt after removing her apron [ I have never seen my aunt in her house without an apron!].

Edna Harris was born Edna Simons on 21st Oct 1924, the youngest of 5 children [ my Dad was her brother] she is my last remaining aunt.
Aunty Edna with me and the quilt

Cousins Andrew & Rosalind plus son Stephen

The snuggly lap quilt


Christa said...

Nice blog. Nice quilt. Live the border. Did you quilt it yourself?

Happy Room Diana said...

I quilted in the ditch around the blocks and then hand appliqued and hand quilted leaves in the border. One day I'll make another I like it so much.

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