Wednesday, 29 October 2014

St Helen's Church Sibbertoft

The girls have gone Kumihimo mad, they cannot stop making the braids and as soon as breakfast was over they were threading up to start another!

Yesterday afternoon we were talking about our ancestors and decided to make a visit to the church in Sibbertoft where some of them are buried. The girls were excited to see the headstones I knew about and even managed to find some I did not know about.  I think it is so important to know where we come from and both girls like hearing the stories about their relatives.
Martha PERKINS 1820-1902 wife of Thomas SIMONS

Thomas SIMONS 1814-1883

Martha Louisa SIMONS 1859-1877 daughter of Thomas and Martha

Headstone of Jacob SIMONS 1839-1920 and wife Mary ADDISON 1839-1915
Right hand side a mystery to be solved, D A June 1st 1878
Left hand side Joseph SIMONS 1862-1888
Base stone Jesse SIMONS 1870 - 1883

Jacob SIMONS and Mary ADDISON are the girls 4x Gt Grandparents. [my Gt Gt Granparents]
Joseph SIMONS is there son and my direct ancestor, he died very young leaving a widow with two small children.

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