Friday, 10 October 2014

Guess whats under the cover!

An exciting day today as I picked up my new car, a VW Up! High Up!
After completing the paperwork the salesman asked if I had seen the car, I said "no" and he then took me across the showroom to a blue cover with my name on a stand!
Sadly I had forgotten my camera in the excitement so the poor photos were taken with my phone.
Guess whats under the cover!
The big reveal
Home on the drive.
I think it will take me sometime to get used to all the bells and whistles but I love it already.
One slight problem I have always named my cars after the salesman or previous owner. The salesman's name was Richard and my son is Richard so I cannot give my car the same name, any suggestions for this Tornado Red Volkswagen Up! High Up!


Christa said...

Congratulations! My sister in Germany has an UP and she loves it and U.S. very happy with it.

Carm said...

Ruby since she's red. Or maybe Miss Scarlet. Enjoy it!

Happy Room Diana said...

I love Miss Scarlet, so that will be her name I think.

quiltergirl424 said...

Lovely, and Miss Scarlet is a great name. If you are over this way call round and introduce us to Miss Scarlet

Lance Gross said...

How exciting! I hope your new car is everything you've dreamt it to be. I love the color, red stands out, don't you think so too? I'm sure you're going to turn a lot of heads driving Miss Scarlet. Hahaha! Drive carefully always! All the best to you! :)

Lance Gross @ Royal on the Eastside

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