Thursday, 2 October 2014

Day 35 nine hundred and thirty six!

The B & B in Abbeville come highly recommended by me. The owner set out a wonderful selection of food and drink for our breakfast in her lounge.. All very elegant.

Our bed head that I really liked, plus the little lounge leading to the other two bedrooms.

We then set off on the Autoroute, something we had been avoiding all holiday because of the heavy tolls. The toll to the EuroTunnel was only €8 so worth it to get to our train crossing in time. As the car is too high for the normal car area we were on the floor with no upper deck, which I much prefer. The crossing under the English Channel is only 25 minutes and seems to be over before it begins.


Have you guessed why I entitled this final holiday page 936? That is the number of emails that awaited me as soon as I signed into my home computer. It is nice to be home, I wish some kind fairy would unpack everything and find homes for everything.

This has been a brilliant five weeks away and the company of Pat who lives in San Javier plus Pauline and Brian, our friends on holiday in the next house, made it all the more special. Only three months and we will be back!


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quiltergirl424 said...

Glad you had safe journey. That is the problem when you get home, all that unpacking, but then it is worth it . Gosh three months doesn't sound long before we are all back, roll on. We are on countdown here now till Tuesday. See you next week.

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